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New Stereo 3D Discovery: Women view Men 20% larger than Men view themselves

Monday, May 25th, 2009


Which also means that men view women 20% smaller than women do!

The scientific explanation for this, perhaps, has always been known, but it seems, this correlation was never before discovered, until Sam Ramadan was explaining to a small audience how humans perceive depth, and spontaneously mentioned the differences between how men and how women see each other, Sam noticed how some in the audience began giggling at one point, and how one member turned to another in the audience, and jokingly said “Yes Jim, be happy, your wife sees your “blank” much larger than you do”, this concise true statement got a near-hysterical laughter response; gladly, Jim took it lightly and was not bothered.  The response compelled Sam to share this new factoid with the rest of the world.

In this post, Sam explains the scientific reasoning, plus, how a person, using the Photo3D 303 Kit, can capture a stereo pair of 3D images representing his/her spouse’s depth and size perception, then print the Stereo 3D image, put on the 3D glasses to experience first hand how his/her spouse sees. (more…)

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