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Mission3D Responds to Challenge Aired on CNN…

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

…and Proves the Usefulness of 3D Photography!

The above CNN Headline News | Hotwired special report first aired back when Mission3D first introduced their 3D Digital Camera Kit, the first in the world.

I still remember being informed by our then PR agency PerkettPR that the folks at CNN really liked our product and that they will air a report on Hotwired about it.  We were coming off another great favorable review by Time Magazine who had earlier awarded our Photo3D Kit, Time Magazine Gadget of the Week. Click here to learn more about the kit.

I remember sitting across from the TV and waiting for the report to air in the USA market, I had my VCR ready to record the review.  Then with total excitement we began to watch it.  The report was really favorable and fun, but along the way when the Photo3-D Kit image was being broadcasted, Mr. Brian Cooley, Editor at Large at, makes the following statement:  “…and even though 3D Photography is still basically a fun gimmick, there is no purpose to it, it’s kind of fun…” (more…)

Get a FREE Pair of Best 3D Glasses to See Mars in 3D Just For Visiting This Mission3D Blog Post

Tuesday, February 17th, 2009


Little do people know that some of the folks at NASA use our brand of High-Quality Stylish Photo3D RC900 glasses with Mission3D’s patented high-end RC spectrums and our Photo3D Mixer Software to mix the 3D landscape images from the Mars Mission.  In this post, we want you to enjoy the Mars Landscape scenery as captured by the Mars Rover,  so don’t wait and:

1) Get your free pair of 3D Glasses from Mission3D (instructions below). We will ship it to you anywhere around the world!

2) bookmark this post.

3) Once you get your high-quality paper 3D glasses return here and enjoy Mars’ magnificent 3D images.

We promise you it will be worth it. (more…)

Do you have Stereo-Feminine or Stereo-Masculine Vision?

Monday, January 26th, 2009

stereo-feminie-and-masculine-vision1From this article’s headline, you are probably wondering, oh no! One more thing that defines differences between males and females!

Yep, but this discovery all happened by chance.  Over the past 6 years, I have conducted much research at Mission3D regarding the effects of Viewing Stereo 3D Photography on various individuals.  My research included nearly 15,000 subjects from the USA, Hong Kong, China, Lebanon, Dubai, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia. (more…)

Why Mission3D Manufactures “Best Paper 3D Glasses In the World”?

Saturday, January 24th, 2009


Back in August of 2002, when I first decided to invent the Photo3D kit and bring the joy of 3D photography into everyone’s home, I began looking for the best Anaglyph 3D glasses in the world to include with the kit.  I ended up buying so many different models from just about every manufacturer in the USA, Europe and the Far East.  But nothing satisfied my appetite for a high quality viewing experience; by far, the majorities, if not all of the products, provided inferior lenses, not to mention Geeky looking.

How does the New Photo3D Kit Work?

Tuesday, January 20th, 2009

photo3dkitnew1If you already know how to use a digital camera, Photo3-D takes just minutes to learn.  Retail $149.95, 7th Anniversary Factory Sale $127.77 - Buy it here

Here’s how it works…

It’s surprisingly simple! The Photo3-D 303 attachment and software makes 3D photography so simple, I personally guarantee you will be able to do it. (the 303 Attachment is not included with the NEW Photo3-D PALM Kit)


The PALM Kit comes with an, easy to follow, instructional manual for capturing great Stereo 3D images using your Mobile Phone Camera and simply your palm). (more…)

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