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Will 3D Porn increase rape and sex crimes?

Wednesday, May 13th, 2009


In its constant efforts to promote the use of Stereo 3D technologies, Mission3-D has strictly refused to conduct any marketing efforts to the porn industry.  Many credit the porn industry for the success of the Internet, and many are now betting that the success and wide adoption of Stereo 3D is also likely to be as a result of the porn industry moving to 3D, this would be very sad indeed and calls for great alarm.

Pornography is not only immoral and addictive; it is very destructive as it produces huge negative effects and harms our society.  There have been numerous studies on how pornography affects our lives, some suggest a direct correlation with pornography as credited for the increased rates of sex crimes, impotence, with many suggesting that pornography increases marital dissatisfaction and divorce rates (with a person often trying to envision a porn star when he/she is with his/her spouse, instead of concentrating on his/her spouse, or never feeling satisfied).  Yet porn pundits hide behind freedom of expression and free choice to distribute their materials, claiming that there are no negative consequences of its use, while in reality they continue to poison, sicken our societies, and degenerate humanity. (more…)

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