Touch the Kaaba Black Stone of Makkah in True-Life Stereo 3D

Kaaba Black Stone Stereo 3D Photo Print (fame not included)

Kaaba Black Stone Stereo 3D Photo Print (fame not included)

And you can do so at the comfort of your own home!

If you’ve been to Hajj or Umrah in Makkah of Saudi Arabia, you know how hard it is to reach and touch the Sacred Black Stone, situated at the corner of Kaaba, amidst the crouds of millions of pilgrims.  Now we all agree that nothing compares to being really there and touching it in real life, however, the experience we promise you with is absolutely the next best thing to being there.

Never before in history has, Islam’s Sacred Black Stone, been photographed and presented in True-Life Stereo 3D.   Mission3-D is the first in the world to produce this utterly amazing and astonishing 40×60 cm size Photo3D Super Print (near life-size photo print).

Each Super Print 3D Photograph is uniquely printed “for each customer order” on high-quality photographic prints using our special Photo3-D Super Printing System.  These are not commercially printed posters and each 3D Photo Print is unique and sequentially numbered.  Just put on the attached high-quality, stylish 3D glasses and transport yourself and fellow Muslims into virtually becoming in front of the Black Stone at the corner of Al-Kaaba.


You will not believe your eyes as you will immediately feel the urge to reach out and touch, with your hand, the Sacred Black Stone, and when you do, it will truly seem to you that half of your arm has literally gone inside the Black Stone.  This is one of the best, if not the best, Anaglyph 3D images ever to be photographed, created and experienced, and is a great 3D picture for framing and displaying inside your home, office, or your community Masjid (Mosque), or Madrassa (school); it also makes for a fantastic gift idea (just make sure you order the 4-Gift Poster Tube).  We are confident that you will dazzle and amaze your Muslim brothers, or any visitor, every time you allow them to look at your 3D Super Print with the 3D glasses.  Click here to order now!


Each Photo3-D Super Print will be shipped in a protected Dura-Tube and includes a single pair of Stylish Photo3D RC900 glasses, but of course you can order as many additional 3D glasses as you like to allow more of your friends and colleagues to enjoy this wonderful experience with you.  Mission3-D’s factory direct secured Photo3-D Online Shop accepts all major credit cards and you can also pay via PayPal, so what are you waiting for, Buy Now and be one of the firsts in the world to own this magnificent piece of work.

If you wish pay via MoneyGram or Western Union, please email Sam Ramadan directly at: and state your shipping address for us to email you the instructions.

Also available Ghar Hira in Jabal Al-Nour.

Ghar Hira, where Anjel Jibril Descended on Prophet Mohammad (pbuh)

Ghar Hira, where Anjel Jibril Descended on Prophet Mohammad (pbuh)

Still not convinced and you need more proof? OK, we’ll offer you a FREE pair of 3D glasses so you can try for yourself first.


Here’s what you should do:

1.    Bookmark this post to return to it
2.    Click here to get your FREE pair of Red/Cyan 3D glasses from Mission3D
3.    Once you receive your FREE pair of 3D glasses, come back to this post
4.   Place the glasses on and now try to put a cotton swab inside the Black Stone

Isn’t that truly amazing? Now can you imagine how you’ll feel when you own a high-quality 40×60 cm near-life size 3D super print of the Sacred Black Stone? 

One more reason to buy: Stereo 3D looks much better in hi-resolution photo prints than on your PC and this poster-size photograph is bound to become a collector’s item.

But I know that most of you can’t wait and would rather save time and get the full experience, so for those of you who can’t wait, go ahead, I promise you, you will not regret it.   Ever since Mission3-D produced this Stereo 3D image, Mission3D became flooded with requests from friends and family members to get a print, many asking us to name our price, so we figured why not let all Muslims around the world enjoy this experience.

This is an exclusive offer that is not available anywhere else on earth.  The Black Stone in True-Life Stereo 3D is Copyright 2009 by Mission3-D Publishing, all duplications are strictly prohibited.

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