How to Lose 10 Pounds in 3 Minutes?!


Loosing that extra weight is now as easy as 1, 2, 3D

No, this is not Liposuction or any other form of quick-fix magic weight-loss surgery.  This instant loss of weight can occur when you capture moments of your life and the choice is all yours.

The solution we are proposing works with people that are either moderately overweight or obese, but if a person is thin and has an unwanted belly, this solution is likely to accentuate the presence of this belly.

The subject of discussion here is about how fatter you actually look in pictures because normal photographs lack reality’s depth perception and the ability to view two different images from a right-eye angle and a left-eye angle, which is how others typically view you in the real world.

Various tests conducted by Mission3-D Labs have proven that when a person captures a Stereo 3D Photograph of themselves and compares it to one of the two 2D pictures, they notice that the flat 2D normal photograph looks as if it has a gain of 5-10 lbs and presents the person as basically much fatter than reality (as in the Stereo 3D image).

The following images illustrate this further, so take a moment and experiment for yourself.

View this image with Stereo Masculine 3D Glasses


View this image with Stereo Feminine 3D Glasses



Find a pair of Red-Cyan Anaglyph 3D Glasses.  Don’t have a pair of 3D Glasses? No worry, you can get the best pair of Anaglyph 3D Glasses in the market for just reading this article, click here to get a FREE pair of Photo 3D Glasses, my compliments.


Place the 3D Glasses on, most likely the Blue is, by default, over the right eye (which means it is a Masculine Vision 3D Glasses, if the Blue is on the Left it would be Feminine Vision 3D Glasses) click here to learn if you have Feminine or Masculine Stereo Vision.  If you have a pair of paper 3D glasses, you can flip them backward to place the blue on the left should you have Feminine Stereo Vision.


Look at the appropriate (Masculine Vision or Feminine Vision image) and see how it switches from 2D (looks pure black and white without the glasses) to 3D (looks blurry red and blue shadows without the glasses), you will now see a noticeable loss of weight between the two.  The weight gain from switching from reality 3D to 2D becomes apparent as you concentrate, notice how the photographed pair looks slightly thinner in reality with your 3D Glasses on (the images here are small but if the Photo is enlarged to A4 size, the difference becomes more noticeable). Tip: For this small image,  concentrate on the lady with the blue Jeans’ front leg and you will notice the difference more.

NOW you can begin this simple weight-loss program and it is as easy as 1, 2, 3D click here to learn how you can get the Photo3-D 303 Kit and start capturing amazing moments in your life in full reality 3D pictures, and it takes less than 3 minutes, plus you no longer have to worry about being Photogenic.  I mean, who wants to be remembered as fatter than reality? Do you?  Click here to go to the Photo3D Shop directly.

So if you thought loosing weight is not that Fun! Think again, With the Photo3-D Kit it is loads of fun.


- Authored by Sam Ramadan

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